MouseSports Takes First Major Win Since 2018

MouseSports is always considered to be one of those upper tier CS:GO teams with incredible potential especially coming in from their younger players. They have been on a lengthy year long drought for Major Final appearances since their last big win in September of 2018 against Liquid in ESL One New York. Spoiler Alert! They won in incredible fashion over Ence in what is going to be one for the CS:GO history books. Mouz struggled against the some hometown favorites in Tyloo in the semi-finals but managed to come back from 15-7 with 8 clutch wins in a row on Inferno to secure their position in the finals. Both teams were teams were under the microscope since their recent roster changes, but both performed admirably in the CS:GO Asia Championship (CAC).

MouseSports struggled during the first half of Train on CT Side to maintain any real lead ending the half at 8 Mouz and 6 Ence. Train typically being considered a CT sided match “should” have been much more difficult for Mouz to close out on T side, but they absolutely dominated with some great inner B executes and strong ladder control. Ence converted some tough pistol rounds to put up some sort of a fight, but MouseSports clinched Train 16 Mouz to 10 Ence securing the first map win and putting themselves one map away from a huge Major win.

Map 2 went to Inferno with Ence only having a win percentage of 14% while Mouz maintained 67%. Ence started off the map on CT strong winning out the pistol, subsequent buy round and an additional 3 in a row making a 5-0 statement. CS:GO legend and team veteran, Karrigan decided he wanted to completely decimate Banana control getting basically every entry kill and setting up MouseSports to come back with 8 rounds in a row. Ence closed out the half cleaning up the last 2 rounds putting the score line at 8 Mouz and 7 Ence before swapping over to T side. Ence yet again won pistols and chained together 4 rounds in a row, but the tides quickly turned back in Mouz’s favor. Stud AWPer, Woxic ignited on CT side with some of the nuttiest flicks and quick shots I’ve seen in a while. Karrigan again decided to wreak havoc on Banana wracking up multi kill after multi kill, breaking the Ence economy round after round. MouseSports closed out the Finals strong at 16-11, securing the Major win and getting a great projection going into 2020.

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