FBI Asking Sony For Data on a User Who Was Using PlayStation Network To Sell Cocaine

The FBI has applied for a search warrant that forces Sony to provide data on a PS4 user Curtis “Dola” Alexander, who was allegedly selling cocaine over the PlayStation Network as reported by a confidential human source (CHS). The CHS gave up Curtis’ gamer tag and said that the transaction was discussed in game because Dola believed that is was secure.

The FBI and CHS set up a sting and the FBI surveillance showed Alexander selling the CHS 100 grams for $4400.

Sony automatically collects data including: application utilization, game and system video and audio, games played and progress, performances, services requested and used, content downloaded and viewed, and devices/peripheral use.

I can’t help but respect the creativity on this one, because I for one had no idea my voice was being recorded in my game chat. Boy, the things Sony has heard me say.. Some drug dealers only take phone calls on burner phones, some only talk business in person, but talking over PlayStation? That’s next level. You guys better hope that random person you screamed at in Call of Duty for camping the whole match doesn’t get randomly murdered, because you might be a suspect if Sony hands over this information.

When I first read that the deal happened, I was wondering why he wasn’t arrested right there. But then I remembered what our Lord and savior Captain Dickson said. Infiltrate the dealers, find the supplier.

The FBI is also requesting Dola’s government name, physical address, passwords associated to the account, security questions and answers, telephone number and IP address. So the walls are starting to close in on PlayStation’s king pin.

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