Heroes United: A Must Watch

Mightyraccoon! on Youtube dropped an animated team up video, Heroes United , depicting a handful of pop cultures heroes defeating the current Covid-19 pandemic and MY GOD. They add in mainstream figures from each form of major media. There are Marvel/DC superheros being lead by Rick & Morty battling zombie like human bodied corona monsters alongside the likes of John Wick, John Cena, Sonic, and some fan favorite Anime characters.

WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK DID I JUST WATCH? CJ from GTA San Andreas just gunned down a dozen Covid zombies next to Iron Man? John Cena suplexed a zombie after Shaggy laser fisted a group of them. I was in absolute awe the entire 12 minutes not only from confusion but also the sheer amount of uniqueness this video presented. Our favorite heroes from every form of media joined forces to sanitize this virus. I don’t know if the creator of Heroes United had any deeper meanings in mind when creating this, but I like to look at it as an allegory for how our favorite modern media are coming together to support us during this time of mandatory lockdowns and quarantines. Did I just go too deep for you? Too fucking bad, I am Zoltan Bob and I can see things no others can. Anyway, I hope you enjoy Heroes United and make sure to check out more of Mightyraccon! ‘s work on Youtube.

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