Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond Will Highlight the Stories of Real WWII Veterans

The Medal of Honor franchise has set itself apart over the year by celebrating the stories of ordinary folks doing extraordinary things.

The series’ “Gallery” feature has showcased stories from real-life vets in the past, but “Above and Beyond” – the newest iteration in the franchise coming exclusively to Oculus VR – does this in a completely new way.

Using interviews and 360° footage, the team captured powerful first-hand stories from combat veterans and survivors of the war, using state-of-the-art technology to preserve their stories for future generations. The process of capturing these stories was an enormous undertaking, spanning years and continents. See how it all came together, and get a glimpse of what’s in store when the game releases on December 11.

Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond | Gallery Trailer – YouTube

This trailer was simultaneously the most emotional thing I’ve watched all week, and probably the coolest thing I’ve seen all year. The Medal of Honor team at Respawn Entertainment has spent years capturing absolutely fascinating stories from real-life war heroes, and in many cases brought them back to the historic locations where these stories unfolded.

I can’t think of many better ways to honor these heroes (and absolute purebred badasses) than to ensure that their lives and stories are immortalized forever in this way, and to give anyone the opportunity to step into their shoes and join them in the middle of the story using the power of virtual reality.

My grandfather was a veteran of World War II in the pacific theater, and I always wished we had more time together so I could hear stories from him like this. Honestly, It’s an honor just to listen to the folks in this trailer to tell small pieces of their stories as well – and I can’t wait to experience them in full.

Thank you to all of our veterans who have served, and to all of our servicemen and women who serve us today.

Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond comes to the Oculus VR platform on December 11th.

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