Mother Hand Feeds Son Who Won’t Step Away From 48 Hour Gaming Sesh

Lilybeth Marvel of the Philippines is stuck hand feeding her 13 year old son (Carlito Garcia) who can’t step away in an elbow deep, ‘Rules of Survival’ session and filmed the whole thing. They have since withdrawn the teen from school due to his chronic addiction.

This kid is giving us who game for dumb amounts of time a bad look. Come on Carlito, pull it together for a minute. I get how it is to be in your comfiest, oversized hoodie, with your contacts feeling like they’re glued to your eyeballs, as you enter what seems to be your 100th hour of gaming. But for the sake of all of us, take a fucking break and eat some food, take a piss, and breathe some fresh air so people stop thinking we’re zombies. And you pulled the kid out of school for this?? I’m no parent (I hope), but something tells me that’ll make things worse. Nothing better than pulling the “my stomach really hurts” at 7:30 AM so you can stay home from school, and play video games until your hands turn blue. Now this kid can just wake up, stretch out the paws and get after it. Bold move cotton.

Gaming for extended periods of time does have its benefits though. Not spending money, having to deal with people IRL, not having to date chicks that’ll break up with you at some point, and the list goes on and on. I guess the down side is your room smelling like a carcass from all the farting and showers you’re not taking, but that’s a fair trade off. “Look at my son, he’s so pitiful” is a quote you’ll hear in the video below. I wonder how many times my parents said this to me throughout my life while I had my Turtle Beaches maxed out. My bad for not leaving the house, not having kids, or doing drugs. Jokes on you Dad, I still do the same thing as a twenty something. Only difference is, I have beer in the fridge and Tinder on my phone..


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