Rogue Company Review: Bob Was Wrong Again

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I’ll come right out and say it, I was hesitant about enjoying Rogue Company. I have been so ingrained in the first person tac shooter space with CSGO and Valorant, I never thought I would enjoy a 3rd person blend of CS, Gears of War, and CoD. I was wrong. Congrats Hi-Rez and Rogue Company, only Sony Santa Monica has gotten me to admit I was wrong about a game in God of War.

Rogue Company is the casual, stress-free shooter I needed right ...

Rogue Company is such a well timed change of pace for a game like this to be released. Rogue Company manages to find a great balance in casual and competitive play. Demolition is my try hard, CS style of game mode where I find myself letting my competitive side shine through, while Strikeout and Extraction have a more CoD-like arcadey feel to them. Gamers looking for a sweaty challenge will be drawn to Demolition like myself, but even demo in Rogue Company doesn’t stress me out like CSGO or Valorant, and that’s why I’m having so much fun with it. I’m not stressing over the outcome at the end of the match, I’m just having fun fragging out with some pals. The same pals I scream at for not flashing or trading me out in other games.

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Like I previously stated Rogue Company is a good blend of competitive tac shooter in CSGO, 3rd person pop and shoot gun play like Gears of War, and good old arcadey fun with CoD-like game modes. As of right now you have 13 Rogues to choose from each with varying abilities ranging from info gathering, to smokescreens that let you see enemies in them, all the way to being able to resurrect downed teammates from across the map. It is worth noting however, with the base 15$ Founder’s Version of the game you only start with about half of the Rogues and can unlock the rest through in game currency from mission progression. No one Rogue feels more powerful than another, but there is enough variety that you can mix and match to fit your playstyle.

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The gunplay feels solid and each gun has a distinct feel and playstyle to it. Movement also feels really good, the run and gun to crouch behind cover and pop shoot is polished. There is a lot to get comfortable with. Some guns have a scoped ADS, while others only have zoomed 3rd person aim. You can swap shoulders for better peaks, so as much as I love giving the player the ability to choose and adjust accordingly, it does take a little practice to get comfortable with every movement and aiming mechanic. My only other complaints are that some of the utility feels pretty underwhelming. The grind for unlocking new Rogues also seems pretty time intensive, but if you stay on top of daily missions I don’t think it should be too difficult.

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All in all, Rogue Company looks and feels great to play. In a world where every game out right now is either hyper competitive or super casual, Rogue Company finds a great middle ground with fun and rewarding gameplay. Hi-Rez is also doing a great jobs actively updating the game with new maps and Rogues on the horizon, so it looks like there will be a good amount of content coming in the future. I really hope Hi-Rez takes good care of this game because I absolutely loved Realm Royale when it released, but the game changed so drastically in the first few months it didn’t feel like the same game I enjoyed. So big props to them for killing it with Rogue Company and fingers crossed they keep the good shit coming.

4 “Oh Shit I have the Bomb”‘s out of 5

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