Samurai Shodown Coming to EGS

Samurai Shodown, the 2D weapon based fighting game has covered the spectrum in console releases, coming to PS4, Xbox One and Switch. Previously only accessible on PC via Google Stadia, Samurai Shodown is opening up to a wider array of gamers via the Epic Games Store. Reviewers have been praising the comeback of the now 15 year old IP for the tense methodical combat and graphical upgrades averaging a metacritic wavering around 80%.

Long standing fans of Samurai Shodown are sure to have already purchased the game on consoles, but a much wider audience is being introduced to a refreshing change of pace in the fighting realm on PC. As of right now pre-orders are coming with a 10% off on the 3 DLC characters in the 16 fighter roster. Since I am fighting game inept, our fighting guru Jay, will be testing the EGS version of the game and sharing his thoughts, and how it stacks up to the console versions so stay tuned.

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