Real Heroes of Gaming: TimTheTatman Wins His Way Out Of The Gulag With His Son In His Lap

When you talk about people at the top of their sport – you think about Jordan, LeBron, Michael Phelps, Tom Brady – but the real sport, ladies and gentlmen, is parenting. And TimTheTatman is putting on a CLINIC.

I love Tim. He’s got a lil stuffed animal right on the desk so Brewer can focus on that, while he shifts forward into X-Games Mode and nets himself an EZ Gulag win. What a game, what a play, what a guy.

We had a little conversation about “doing it for your family” and starting ones of our own last night on Not Another Gaming Podcast, and I think its really cool that Tim keeps his family in mind and involved while putting out the content that he produces.

Thanks for doing what you do, Tim.

P.S. – People forget that beating out millions of other sperm so that you could be born was the original gulag. Did I write this blog just to make this joke? Maybe. Maybe not.

P.S.S. – Here’s the original “Real Heroes of Gaming” segment we did back in June. I think we need to run it back next week to give Tim the treatment he deserves.

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