Ghostbusters Was A Great Time, And Here’s Why


I’m gonna let Rob field the official review for the new Ghostbusters, but I wanna throw down some quick thoughts because all in all, this is a great flick.

Firstly, if you’re still bitching about the fact that this is an all-female Ghostbusters team, please shut the fuck up and go cry into the pillows that your “No Girls Allowed” fort is made out of, you insecure infantile baby. This movie’s not out to ruin your childhood, it’s out to do two things: pay homage to one of the greatest films of all time, and set a foundation to stand on its own as a new, exciting franchise – and it delivers on both fronts in a big way.

Without delving in too deeply, I’ll offer a few quick hits: all of the original cast cameos were awesome, and might as well have been verbal and visual torch-passing from Ghostbusters past to present. The humor in this movie was rock-solid. I had a ton of fun, and there were lots of laughs. If you’re familiar with Melissa McCarthy, Leslie Jones, Kristen Wiig, or Mrs. Domenic Mahoney Kate McKinnon’s brands of comedy, you know exactly what you’re gonna get. If you love their humor, you’ll love this movie. If it doesn’t resonate with you now, the added Ghostbusters flavor will probably win you over.

It’s definitely much more action oriented than the originals, which is absolutely not a bad thing. The added emphasis on cool new gear and the amount of variety they bring to the Ghostbusters’ combat with the ghosts is just one of many ways that this movie sets itself apart as a new breed of Ghostbusting goodness. Yeah it’s a complete reboot. No, the original Ghostbusters’ cameos aren’t their original characters, and no – the origin story isn’t similar – but the fact that Ghostbusters 2016 doesn’t at all try to be the originals is where it comes in the strongest.

There’s plenty of homage and love paid to the original flicks, but Ghostbusters has done a stellar job of setting itself up for a franchise that absolutely could stretch past just two movies, especially if the box office numbers are right. The special effects were awesome, the new tech is impressive, the laughs are constant, and if the ending is any indicator – the Ghostbusters themselves are clearly just getting started.

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