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Sniper Elite 4’s Campaign Looks Boring as Shit | Sniper Elite 4 Review

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I will start off with a couple compliments before I talk about why I will not be playing Snper Elite 4’s campaign. The graphics look pretty awesome. Also, I like that the movement is Assassins Creedish, as well as the cover system. And I guess that is it for compliments on my end.

This game is for the most patient people in the world. When you watch the trailer below you will get what I mean. I don’t even have the patience to take a piss without pushing it out and almost shitting myself. Do you think I’d be able to sit in a fucking bush for 2 and a half minutes until people walk by? It’s a no from me. I would not enjoy this game personally. That doesn’t mean the super zen gamers wouldn’t like it. Either that or you’ll have to get high as a kite and zone out. And not for nothing, if you put all the other Sniper Elite’s next to one another they will all look the same. This one just has a little bit better graphics. Switch it up a little, no?



2 thoughts on “Sniper Elite 4’s Campaign Looks Boring as Shit | Sniper Elite 4 Review

  1. After playing this game it is fucking awesome. The graphics are great! The realism of waiting in the bush until the opportunity arrives is great! The cutaway views of the bullet passing through the anatomy o a person is fantastic. I have yet to find anything wrong with this game. The only reason why you wouldn’t like it is that you want things to happen now, quickly. That is not how real snipers work.

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