Nintendo Labo Is Nintendo At It’s Absolute Weirdest, And Absolute Best

“Imagine if we had this when we were 12?”

“Even better – we’ve got them when were 40.”

Yesterday, Nintendo had yet another announcement of their latest wacky creation – a system of DIY cardboard peripherals called Nintendo Labo.

These kits, of which there are a few, will be available in April of this year. They’re definitely aimed at kids (mainly), and even creatively-minded parents looking to think outside the box (get it hahahahoh I’m so alone) when it comes to gaming with their kids. You’ll be able to make functioning mini motorbikes, robots fishing lines, musical instruments, and so much more – and it’s all powered by the Switch and those damned adorable Joy-Con.

Each Labo kit comes with games to accompany each designs, which come alive when the Switch and Joy-Con themselves are fitted into the Labo constructs and fired up.


 Like I said in the title, Nintendo Labo is the Big N at it’s absolute weirdest, and also it’s absolute best. Nintendo’s all about the concept of “play” in all forms, celebrating the joy the user gets when playing their favorite games, and sharing those experiences with their loved ones. Nintendo, in the era of Loot Boxes, really just said “fuck it, here’s a cardboard box – go make some cool shit”, and I for one – cannot wait.
My nephew will be three this year, and tactile/noisemaking toys are his jam. He already loves yelling “GET MORE MOONS UNCLE DOMMY” at me while I’m playing Super Mario Oddysey (his favorite book is Goodnight Moon, so this is a big deal), and I can’t wait to get some Nintendo Labo kits for myself to see what we can create – together.
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