Rockstar’s Bully Anniversary Edition is Now Available on iOS/Android

It is now the 10 year anniversary of Rockstar’s Bully. Jimmy Hopkins- The baddest dude that Bullworth Academy has ever seen is now coming to your smart phone. Anyone who knows me will tell you that I fucking loved this game, I even wrote something about it in the past. There is something so awesome about a GTA type game but instead of being a maniac in the heart of Los Santos you are a screwed up teenager going through the awkwardness of adolescence. I bought this game on PS2, beat it. Bought it on 360 a few years later, beat it. It was just a solid overall game and I wish there was a part two that would come out for the most recent consoles. Maybe Jimmy knocked up one of the cheerleaders and now teaches his son to be a bad mother fucker just like daddy. That would be dope.

Bully Anniversary Edition is now available on iOS and Android for $6.99 and is worth every penny. Take our that debit card and if you don’t have one use your parents and smash that buy button. Go lock yourself in the bathroom for a few hours and just act like you ate some bad Thai food.

Am I the only one who loved this game? Let me know @WickedGoodGames



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