The Witcher’s Trailer Is Finally Here and I Am SWEATING

Folks, while I fan myself from my first watch-through of Netflix’s The Witcher trailer (featuring Henry Cavill as Geralt of Rivia), watch it for yourself and then we can all sweat together.


Listen here, I’ve said it from the beginning. If this entire series is just Henry Cavill in a gray wig smoldering and dripping sex all over the screen for 10 hour-long episodes, then I’m already sold. And you know what? That’s exactly what we got.

Henry Cavill looks every bit as badass as Geralt of Rivia should look, and the rest of the surrounding world, effects, and action look to be just as compelling. If this trailer is any indication, then Netflix’s The Witcher could be one of the best fantasy shows to ever hit television.

The Witcher drops on Netflix December 20th. If you need me, I’ll be hyperventilating in the bathroom while I watch this 20 more times.

Papa Dom

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